Participating in the video competition

If you join the NAD Lembeh resort on Lembeh Island, Sulawesi, Indonesia during the HUGYCUP period, you can participate in the 9th HUGYCUP.
You must bring your own video camera with accompanying housing and any lighting.
You can film unlimited on site every day. Every day a time code will be communicated in the morning that you must set on your camera.
This way we can verify that all film images were actually taken on the spot.

Unlike photography, no images need to be brought in for videography on a daily basis.
The participant must keep his dive logbook properly “up to date”.
At the request of the organization, he / she must always be able to state on which day and which dive site his images were filmed.

Once back home, all filmed images can be used to produce a video.
Don’t forget to also pay attention to submit an interesting video clip.

The rules for video can be found on the “Rules / Regulations” page.

Good luck !

For booking your stay and participation contact us :