Participating in the photo competition

If you join the NAD Lembeh resort on Lembeh Island, Sulawesi, Indonesia during the HUGYCUP period, you can participate in the 9th HUGYCUP.
You must bring your own compact camera, reflex camera or video camera with accompanying housing and any lighting.
You can take unlimited photos and film on site every day. Every day a time code will be communicated in the morning that you must set on your camera.
This way we can verify that all photos have actually been taken on the spot.
Each evening you can select 15 photos from the total number of photos you took that day. With the camera’s memory card, everyone presents themselves to the organization in the evening with a note stating the 15 photo file numbers. The organization will transfer and maintain these 15 photos from your card.
If you stay on board for 1 week, you can have brought in a maximum of 6 × 15 = 90 photos from which you will have to make the final choices for the photo competitions.
Keep in mind that you can only use each photo once in the competitions !!

We know we are already working hard on selecting 15 photos every day!
A plus, however, because if this would not happen, some of them have thousands of photos to search at the end of their stay.
An impossible task.
Once you return home, you have plenty of time to select the very best photos from your selected selection.
You can also edit them afterwards (photoshop or similar program).
However, keep in mind that certain rules apply and not all operations are allowed.
To know exactly what is allowed and what is not allowed, you should read the regulations on the “rules / regulations” page!

Another advantage of daily selection is that we also immediately get an idea of ​​your capabilities as an underwater photographer.
We will always be there to give you some extra tips regarding aperture, shutter speeds, lenses, exposure… ..
You can certainly learn something new!

Good luck !

To book your stay and confirm your participation contact Diving 4 Pictures Co. Ltd. at