This competition is open to everyone.


Each competitor is allowed to present an edited video with a maximum duration of 10 minutes.
The winner of the competition will receive the HUGYCUP VIDEO TROPHY.
There will be prizes for 2nd and 3rd place


Each competitor is allowed to present one unedited shot (no cuts – no music – no editing) with a maximum duration of 1 minute.
There will be an ‘unedited shot’ award and prize for all winners (1st place – 2nd place – 3rd place).


Each competitor is allowed to present an edited video with a maximum duration of 10 minutes.
The action cam video automatically also competes in the VIDEO COMPETITION
1 prize will be given to the best action cam video

Each competition day, the participant will be asked to insert a new time / data code in his video camera.
All video footage used must have been filmed during the “HUGYCUP” days taking place in NAD Lembeh, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

No pool or aquarium admissions allowed.
All images must be filmed by the participant himself.
The allowed video formats to send in competition are mini-DV Pal tapes, HDV Pal tapes, Quicktime movie files with codecs H264 files, Mpeg4 or Mov.
Maximum resolution full HD.
The films must be delivered in duplicate – One version where the name of the producer is not visible and one full version with name indication.
Minimum 70% of the recordings must consist of underwater images.
All participants must provide their own full video equipment.
No material is made available by the organization.
By submitting the video, the participant declares that he / she has created and compiled the video himself and that he / she has used his / her own images.

By submitting the video, the participant declares that all images used were filmed during the HUGYCUP days.
The judges’ decisions are indisputable.

The awards & prize giving will take place during the HUGYCUP festival in May 2024.
More details with the exact date will be announced later.

Entries showing subsequent dive behavior will be disqualified.
1. Feeding animals.
2. Touching or moving animals to “better” backgrounds.
3. Animals showing signs of stress (bloated puffer fish, ink squirting octopus)
4. Marine life should never be endangered or in a stressful situation to take a nice photo or video.
5. Divers who are clearly seriously damaging the diving environment.

Divers are obliged to adhere to the rules of diving.
All participants are required to bring their diving certification and diving insurance.
The participating videos must be sent before 1st of April 2024 to the address below.



Danny Van Belle

Kraaiwinkel 42

9450 Haaltert


or send via Wetransfer or Dropbox to

Rights of use:
The organization and sponsors will have the right to use the submitted video of the participants for promotion of the competition and public promotion.

Use music and projection copy rights:
The video producer declares by participating that he has all rights and owns all copy rights for the video film or video clip in the HUGYCUP competition including the sound tape that matches the film.
He has all rights to public projection in any form including private and commercial presentations worldwide.
The participant will be held responsible for any damage, loss or costs arising from the projection of his film in accordance with the aforementioned declaration.

Each participant is responsible for his / her safety with regard to his / her dive, video and photo equipment. The organizers and sponsors of this event do not emphasize that diving is safe, nor do they recommend any particular dive sites.
Each participant must abide by dive rules and make his / her own decision regarding dive safety.
By signing the registration form, the participant declares to agree with these regulations.

The HUGYCUP are proudly organized and sponsored by
Green force underwater lighting, Da Factory NV,
Hugyfot underwater camera housings
& Diving 4 Pictures Co. Ltd. Thailand