Participating in the video competition

You can participate in the HUGYCUP 2019 competition if you join a Hugycup Mircale 1 Liveaboard trip , Red Sea – Egypt.
You’ll need your own compact camera or reflex camera or video camera and the necessary underwater housing. You’ll also need some flashes or underwater lights.

On location you can shoot video shots as much as you want. Every day in the morning a new timecode will be announced by the organiser.
Daily you’ll have to adjust the timecode on your camera. This is the way we can verify that all footage was shot on location on that day.

The videographers don’t have to register their videoshots daily with the organisers.
The participant will have to keep his logbook well updated.
On request of the organiser he must always be able to provide on which date and which divesite a shot was taken.

Once back home you’ll have all the time to edit your footage.
Don’t forget to send in also an interesting videoclip.

The rules and regulations of the video competition can be found at ‘Rules/Regulations’ page on this website.

We wish you a lot of succes !!

For booking your stay and participation contact us :