Participating in the photo competition

You can participate in the HUGYCUP 2019 competition if you join a cruise on Hugycup Miracle 1 Liveaboard trip, Red Sea Egypt.
You’ll need your own compact camera or reflex camera or video camera and the necessary underwater housing. You’ll also need some flashes or underwater lights.

On location you can take pictures as many as you want. Every day in the morning a new timecode will be announced by the organiser.
Daily you’ll have to adjust the timecode on your camera. This is the way we can verify that all pictures were taken on location on that day.

Every evening all participants are allowed to register 15 pictures. The selection of 15 pictures will come out of all the pictures that the participant took on this competition day.
The participant will hand over his memory card and a note with the filenumbers of the 15 selected pictures. These 15 pictures will be copied to a file and kept by the organiser.
If you stay for 1 week on board you can have a maximum of 6 or 7 days x 15 pictures registered. Out of these pictures you’ll have to make your final choices for the competition.

Keep in mind that every picture can be used only once in the competition.

We know we’re tough and we make you work hard already on location to select your 15 pictures daily !
But finally it will be an advantage. If we don’t work like this you’ll probably end up with a few thousand pictures at the end. Starting to make a selection at that time is as good as impossible !

When you get back home a big part of the work is done already. Now you’ll have the time to select your very best pictures out of those you registered on location.
Now you’re also allowed to edit the pictures (photoshop or similar)
Keep in mind that there are certain rules to follow and not all adjustments are allowed.
To know exactly what your allowed to do have a look at the ‘Rules/Regulation’ page.

Another advantage of daily selecting your best pictures is that we also get an idea of your capacities as underwater photographer.
We’ll be there to give you some extra tips on shutterspeeds, diafragm openings, lenses, flashes, etc ….
There Always something to learn … !

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