How to book your participation ?

In the header HUGYCUP 2017 you can find the pages with info.
The costprice can also be found keeping in mind the different choices (2 dives daily, 3 dives daily, nitrox or no nitrox diving, etc )
Your stay normally consist of an amount of diving days and a few non-diving days …. there are also transport fees, couples with one person diving and one person not diving, etc …
It starts to get complex ….


For a detailed offer send a mail and mention the date you would like to arrive in Ambon and the date you’ld like to leave us.
Mention how many diving days you would like.
Are you alone ? If not is everyone a diver ?
Do you need nitrox ?
Send your enquiry to or to

There are no extra fees for participating in the competition !!!
You only have to stay at maluku divers between the 4th of September 2017 and the 6th of October 2017.